Portfolio Preserver

The Rebalance Portfolio Applet will tell you exactly how to rebalance your investment portfolio according to the recommendations made by the Portfolio Preserver®. Here's a quick and easy tutorial on how to use it.

If you've signed up for the email report, your optimal allocation for the current month will already be entered in the New Percent column.

Enter a Fund Symbol for each asset class. [Use the Up, Down. Left, and Right arrows to navigate.]

If you need ideas for ETFs or funds that you can use to represent an asset class, they are listed at the bottom of every email report.

Click on Get Share Prices to get the current price quote. Or, you can manually input your own values.

Enter the number of shares that you own for each symbol, or see the alternate setting below.

Note: With mutual funds, you can own a fractional number of shares. Check your latest brokerage statement to find out the exact number of shares that you own. (You can enter up to 4 decimal places, e.g. 31.2759).

→ Click on the Calculate button to compute your current position value and the rest of the fields will be filled in for you.

Alternatively, you can enter the value directly. This is for when you only know the total value of your investment in that asset class or you have a basket of funds that represent that asset class. In this case, leave the Share Price column and the Shares column blank. Then click on the Calculate button and the rest of the fields will be filled it for you.

Adjust your portfolio to reflect the new allocation. You can do this by:

     → Selling the number of shares that appear in red in the Need to Buy/Sell Column.

     → Buying the number of shares that appear in green in the Need to Buy/Sell Column.

Important Note #1: When you actually go to buy and sell shares, the share price may not be exactly the same as the one used to compute the number of shares. To calculate exactly how many shares you'll need to buy or sell, divide the amount in the Value column by the current share price.

Important Note #2: Remember to include commission costs into your buy and sell orders!

→ You can save your new positions (shown in the rightmost two columns) by clicking on the Save Data to File button. To retrieve it next month (or the next time you need to rebalance), click on the Load Data from File button.

→ The button marked Move New Positions to Current Positions transfers the contents of the New Positions columns to the corresponding Current Positions columns. This means the New Percents becomes the Current Percents. This function is to prepare the data for the next month, assuming this month's rebalancing has been done.