Are you searching for an investment tool that will:

  • Free you up allowing you to spend more time generating business?

  • Give you a competitive edge?

  • Give you confidence and peace of mind knowing that you and your clients' portfolios are protected against market corrections?

Then the Portfolio Preserver® software platform is for you!

•  The Portfolio Preserver® is a patent pending software tool that will guide you in making strategic decisions concerning portfolio content and asset class allocation.

•  Utilizing over eight decades of monthly data over nine strategic asset classes, the Portfolio Preserver® employs the Nobel Prize winning strategy of Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) used by many money managers to minimize portfolio risk at a desired return.

•  But it goes where this buy-and-hold approach can't by incorporating sophisticated, proven market timing strategies that will save your portfolio as well as your clients' during sharp market corrections--and during these uncertain times, isn't this what you want?

•  A buy-and-hold strategy works over a very long time horizon (40+ years) but can fail miserably over shorter time frames. The chart shows how a portfolio of U.S. stocks would have fared over the past decade.

•  Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) takes traditional buy-and-hold one step further by spreading risk among asset classes of varying correlation (stocks, bonds, etc.)

•  But there are problems with MPT as well: It assumes that the future will behave like the average of the past and it always places the investor (at least partially) in asset classes with the greatest risk.

•  Now, there's a better way! The Portfolio Preserver® steps in where MPT leaves off.

  • By applying a proven market timing strategy to the asset allocations as determined by Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT), we've been able to significantly reduce portfolio risk while maintaining or even improving upon the desired return.
  • The chart shows how the same MPT constructed portfolio would have fared with the Portfolio Preserver® (green line) and without it (magenta line). You can see how much the dot-com crash of 2000 and the mortgage meltdown of 2008 devastated the MPT portfolio but not the one using the Portfolio Preserver®!

•  The Portfolio Preserver® software platform is a very powerful yet easy to use tool that will help you find the exact asset allocation for every possible risk/return profile.

•  Included with the software is an industry-standard database of monthly total return data since 1928 for the following asset classes:

Large-cap StocksSmall-cap Stocks
International StocksInternational Bonds
Investment Grade Corporate BondsREITs
Long-Term Gov't BondsMedium-Term Gov't Bonds
T-Bills (or cash equivalent)Gold (optional)

Along with that, you also have the ability to:

•  Select which asset classes you'd like to include in your model or add as many of your own asset classes as you desire.

•  Apply long and short strategies with or without margin and choose from one of three timing models.

•  Adjust any input parameter based on your own needs (the platform comes with default settings).

•  A wide range of insightful tables and charts including risk/return profiles over the entire range of possible returns as well as asset class correlations.

•  Plus an in-depth User Guide that will step you through the entire procedure. Don't worry, you'll be an expert in no time!

•  You only need to rebalance once a month, if that!

•  This frees up your time to build your client base and expand your services. Based on our approach you can be confident in pitching your clients the appropriate portfolio product.

It's easy to get started. Take the on-line Demo (requires Java.) for a test drive of the Portfolio Preserver® software platform. If you like what you see, just click here or on the Subscribe Now! Button below for ordering information.

What you have to lose is nothing. If after one month you decide our service is not for you, we'll refund your money. No questions asked. Instead of losing your money and that of your clients during the next market correction, make it!

Don't need the sophistication or customization features of the software platform? If all you're looking for a is a once-a-month report tailored to your needs, then please check out our Home Investor email product.

Explore the features and functionality of the Portfolio Preserver® software platform.

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Now there's a powerful asset allocation & rebalancing tool...
For both the Professional Money Manager and
the Home Investor...

Finally! You, the Professional Money Manager, now have the ability to:

  • Build an asset class portfolio with effective market timing
  • Customize investment modules to fit your needs
  • Spend less time researching and more time marketing
  • Maximize portfolio returns while minimizing risk

Introducing the Portfolio Preserver®

  • Fully functional Portfolio Rebalancing Software
  • Invest across all asset classes or customize to add your own
  • Change allocations only once per month!
  • Leverage your time more effectively

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