The Professional Investor Portfolio Preserver® is a Java software program that operates on this web site and is available on a monthly subscription basis. It includes all features needed to make allocations over a wide range of investing criteria You may select from two available options:

Product Category Monthly Rate
Professional Edition
  • Complete portfolio analysis including correlation tables and performance graphs
  • Test portfolios using different timing models, investing strategies, and time horizons
  • Use any or all of our asset classes of stocks, bonds, real-estate, and gold, or add your own
  • Access to the Portfolio Preserver® Features Guide which gives step-by-step instructions and an in-depth explanation of all software functions

→ Unfortunately because of Java version incompatibilities the Portfolio Preserver® software is not guaranteed to function on Apple® computers.

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If you prefer to receive a convenient monthly email report rather than operating the software yourself then order our Home Investor email product.

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