Use this form to define your monthly email report parameters. Your report will be based on your answers to two simple questions that define your time horizon and tolerance for risk. Longer time horizons allow for more aggressive portfolio allocations that result in higher returns at the cost of increased variability. A greater tolerance for risk also allows for a greater proportion of investment funds to be assigned to those asset classes that have historically provided a greater overall return but suffer through large swings on the downside as well as on the upside. The risk is that you will need to withdraw your money at a time when it is not advantageous to do so.

Based on your answers to these questions a suitable target compounded average annual return will be selected upon which to base your email report portfolio allocations that balances a desire for investment gains with the commensurate level of risk required to achieve that goal.

You may update these parameters at any time as your personal circumstances and/or preferences change. Your next email report will be based on the latest values on file at that time.

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